Porcelain makes for a beautiful bathroom as you have no doubt discovered, otherwise you probably would not actually be looking at this page. So you’ve started to clean your bathroom and you’ve noticed one of two things. In one case you may have discovered that there is a massive stain all over your porcelain sink, or in the other instance the stain has affected your porcelain toilet. Either way something really needs to be done about it and you’re not entirely sure what that is. So let’s go over the process of removing stains from porcelain step by step. Read more house cleaning toronto.

The first thing that you are going to need is some warm water and bleach. After the water warms up significantly you can add the bleach to it, and then you can proceed to let it sit in the sink for a while. The recommended time is about a half hour or perhaps a little short of that. After that you can wipe the sink out and see if that has fixed it. Of course there is a chance that this didn’t work at all, so then you need to go on to the next step.

You can make a paste using cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide, and then place it throughout the sink or toilet bowl. After you let that sit for a little while you can wipe it off with a brush, and chances are that has gotten rid of every single stain in the tub, bowl, or sink. If it has not taken care of the problem, then the time has come to resort to some more drastic measures.

It has been said that a paste of borax, also known as sodium borate and lemon juice is a great method of getting rid of stains. Lemon juice itself is a natural acid, and for that reason it is perfect for getting rid of stains. Once you make the paste leave it in the toilet for fifteen to twenty minutes allowing it to take effect.

Remember that home remedies are not your only options by any means. There are different types of porcelain cleaners sold at stores and you just need to inquire at the store as to what type of cleaner is best for you and your bathroom. Remember that your bathroom is very important, and keeping it clean is even more important!

Most people like their bathrooms to be spotless, and with good reason too! If your porcelain sink is full of stains then chances are no one is going to want to use it, which totally defeats the purpose of having a bathroom! Always make sure that everything is properly cleaned and that you keep the necessary cleaning supplies on hand so that it will never be a problem, whether you use a home made cleaner or one that is bought from the store. It doesn’t really matter what you use so long as it works, and that people believe you are keeping a clean house.


Removing Stains From Porcelain